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Photography can potentially be one of the most powerful and influential medium that has the capacity of creating a huge impact. Be it Online, TV or newspapers, photography works well especially across all social and communicative platforms. Before I start guiding you on how to actually make money with photography, I will first tell you a little bit about the genres of photography and highlight the ones that work well if you mean to sell your photographic portfolio online. And then of course, keep selling more.

Candid Photography

Taking photos of interesting subjects that speak of something, where the beholder is clueless about their cameras is what they know as candid photography. When the subject is not directly looking into the camera or maybe even is completely unaware of the fact that he/she is being photographed, can be used in newspapers, historic books and archives belong to this genre and they sell like maniacs on the internet!

These kinds of photographs depict a natural and footloose expression of the subject; they can come under the umbrella of photojournalism and wedding photography as well. In sting operations and more serious matters, this form of photography can be used as secret photography. Check out some great clicks of  iRocker Vs. Other SUP brands.

In such classifications, it becomes difficult to categorize, but these are probably one of the easiest arts to master when you have a good camera as your companion.

Candid photographs are natural, and more often than not, they speak volumes of the subject at hand. They can be used over and again and regulated as even parts of a campaign, so there is a higher chance for a candid photographer of bagging a sale online.

Wildlife Photography

Animals! Who doesn’t love them? Almost everyone does! And wildlife photography, as well as it may sell for magazines and photo journals, is probably one of the toughest genres to master. Wildlife photographers are adventurous and daring by nature, which is probably why it pays off that well. What is important to know is that one will always need to possess a telephoto lens if they dream of capturing

wild animals in all their glory in the wild and wicked jungle. Considering the physical strain this job requires, the fact that the field is extremely popular and many aspire to one day to be known as wildlife photographers, the interest people show is questionable.

There are many dangerous situations that can arise when you are trying to disturb the natural systems of animals’ lives by capturing them as they perform their daily routines. Nevertheless, wildlife photography is one of the most lucrative forms of photography for artists that make it.

Food Photography

Another thing that almost everyone loves is food! And it is also very commonly seen in almost every place. Food is a very important part of all our lives and due excessive food advertisements; it is in a period of high demand. It does not require any major efforts or any specific lenses, though sticking to the higher definition side would always be preferable. It is comparatively easier to arrange food than it is to arrange animals, and there is a lot of potential in this genre as well.

Food photography has become quite important for a number of niches of lifestyles, and it is probable that the field will continue to flourish. Food photographers can make big revenues online as well, since their subject never really goes out of style.

This is one of the more commercial genres of the medium but it does require some aesthetic visual appeal. Many opt for this genre because it is relatively easier, very economical, creative, yet still professional. With this we have come to the most important part of this blog post i.e. how can you actually make your photographs create money for you.

There are numerous ways to do it however it is important that you keep in mind that it is not easy to sell anything online. Just because you own a DLSR and are good at clicking pictures does not mean that you will start making money instantly. It requires a lot of patience, know-how’s and market knowledge. I will guide through the first method of selling your photographs online